April 17, 2018


TeamSled MS ERP software is designed specifically for social case workers and agencies dealing with the challenge of taking care of individual with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The enterprise versions Pro and Elite will be similar to the Lite version however, it will be modified to incorporate an Accounting and Finance Module and Human Resources Module all interconnected to achieve tremendous efficiencies in their business processes

  Versions of the software:

  1. TeamSled MS Elite – Full Enterprise package plus onsite support personnel.
  2. TeamSled MS Pro – Full Enterprise package
  3. TeamSled MS Lite – Non Enterprise packaged version without accounting and Human Resource Modules.

We have companies with less than 5 employees (20% of the market) who will be comfortable with TeamSled Lite. Then there are the “small” companies, with lots of employees to schedule and manage who will need to have the TeamSled Pro with modules capable of doing administrative, scheduling, payroll, work management and Accounting. And finally, at the Elite price level, we will provide them not only the TeamSled Pro, but also a permanent staff for smooth operations.

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