April 17, 2018

About Us

About Togar Tech Solutions.

Togar Tech Solutions is a new company specialized in the Computer Software development. Particularly its own brands of work management systems, providing centralized software that covers all requirement of public and private institutions dealing with long term care of people with Intellectual and developmental Disabilities all over Canada.

Our flagship software goes beyond conventional reporting and it is what every Managing Director of a modern Company needs, the capability to be looking at the total information flow in your organization. Our software will also focus on delivering a package that will be most useful to the provincial governments department of family services – particularly its agencies managing people with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities.

Togar Tech Solutions is a corporation located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The management team consist of a Chief Executive Officer with extensive experience in the IT industry supported by other officials with whom he has been working with since 2014.

We use the most modern technologies to develop your apps in a fully
provisioned environment that helps us code,
test, deploy, and then manage them in the cloud?